Teeth Xpress

At Johnstone Periodontics, we offer TeethXpress for patients who have lost all of their teeth.  TeethXpress is a biomechanically-stable, immediate load protocol available through BioHorizons.  Through TeethXpress, we can help replace all missing teeth without the use of expensive CT, surgical guides or angled implants.  BioHorizons utilizes Tapered implants with Laser-Lok technology to provide superior primary stability for immediate load. 
Short Laser-Lok Complete implants are placed in the posterior for maximum healing to avoid bone grafting or angled implants.  With TeethXpress, we can help create a stable and predictable immediate load solution that helps you smile with confidence once again when your teeth are missing. 
Contact us at (647) 348-4867 for more information on TeethXpress and to see if you are a candidate for this procedure. It is our goal to make you smile with confidence again, and TeethXpress allows us to do just that.

For more information on Teeth Express in the Toronto, ON area call Johnstone Periodontics at (647) 348-4867 today!