By Johnstone Periodontics
January 09, 2015
Category: Periodontics
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When you find out you’re pregnant it can be an exciting time. You may find yourself sitting down reading everything possible to prepare yourself for the next nine months. While your body is changing you may also notice some changes to your smile, as well. Many of these problems are rather common; however, you should always talk to your Toronto periodontist if you have any concerns.


Blame the increase in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone for changing the way your gums will respond to plaque. If you don’t brush and floss thoroughly you won’t remove all the plaque from your teeth, which in turn can cause gingivitis. Gingivitis will cause red, tender gums that also bleed. You may notice this happening to you as early as two months into your pregnancy. If you already have a form of gingivitis it may worsen while pregnant. If you don’t treat gingivitis it will eventually turn into gum disease, so be sure to see your Toronto periodontist regularly for checkups.

Pregnancy Granuloma (tumor):

These benign tumors may also begin to sprout up during your pregnancy. They often appear when swollen gums become irritated. Typically nothing will need to be done to treat the tumor, as they will eventually go away after your baby is born; however, if you experience pain or problems brushing or eating due to the tumor, your Toronto periodontist can remove it.

Dry Mouth:

Some pregnant women may also report experiencing dry mouth. If you are dealing with this annoying symptom, we recommend increasing your water consumption and also chewing gum or sucking on hard candy that will increase the production of saliva. When opting for chewing gum look for one that contains xylitol, which can reduce cavity-producing bacteria.

Eroding teeth:

If you are experiencing serious morning sickness then you may also have to worry about the erosion of teeth enamel. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t brush right after you vomit, as the acid will only be pushed around your teeth when you brush. Instead, opt for a mouthwash or baking soda-and-water rinse that will help reduce the acid levels in your mouth but also freshen your breath. Talk to your Toronto periodontist about other ways you can prevent tooth erosion while you have morning sickness.

Call us today if you notice any changes that give you pause. Your Toronto periodontist is here to help and we are happy to help you maintain a healthy smile both during your pregnancy and post-pregnancy.